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Produktkatalog mit Auswahl- und Beratungssystem

Zustandsüberwachung / Condition Monitoring

Digital hand tachometer FAG TACHOMETER

The speed counter is suitable for two types of operation:

  • direct speed measurement using an adapter, track wheel and measurement stylus
  • non-contact optical speed measurement using a reflective mark.

Direct speed measurement

For direct speed measurement, the supplied adapter must be fitted. The rubber stylus of the adapter tracks the end face and this is used to determine the speed. The track wheel, which is in contact with the circumference of the shaft or the surface of the belt, measures the surface velocity.

Non-contact speed measurement

For non-contact measurement, a reflective mark is applied to the machine part to be measured. This mark is detected by photoelectric means using visible red light. The device displays the speed in revolutions per minute.


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